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Buckhead Atlanta Ga


Buckhead is a district within the city of Atlanta Georgia. Officially it is located in the bottom portion of the "v" that is created by I75 and I85. The name Buckhead supposedly comes from a story in which a local tavern and general store owner placed a bucks head on display in a very visible location. Today the area is perhaps the most affluent and wealthy community within Georgia. The Buckhead zip code 30327 is ranked among the top 10 wealthiest in the nation and is home to the Georgia Governor's mansion. the area is known for many fine restaurants, shopping, and entertainment in the form of night clubs and bars.

With the succession of Sandy Springs to become its own city many other areas of Atlanta have considered their own "city hoods". Buckhead is no different, and is reconsidering its own future as a city separate from Atlanta. Currently it represents almost half of Atlanta's tax base and thus any attempt to withdraw would be strongly opposed by the city of Atlanta.


Homes For Sale Buckhead Atlanta Georgia

Buckhead real estate continues its meteoric rise. It's rise is not only in value but also height. Buckhead now has over 1/3 of the metro area's high rises. The last 5 years have witnessed a transformation in the skyline with new construction and more to come. If you are looking for a town home or condo in the heart of one of the best areas of Atlanta than this area is for you. A Buckhead Regency condo on Roswell Road is a fine example of what the city has to offer. The area also offers beautiful elegant homes in some of the most prestigious neighborhoods.


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